Advertising & Media

Advertising & MediaThe San Diego porno gay Children's Coalition is working hard to partner businesses, charities, and the media together to support and promote children, family, and charitable events in San Diego County.

By purchasing discounted radio & television air time and discounted newspaper & magazine ad spaces, the Coalition is creating a win-win situtation for businesses, charities, and our nude celebrities media partners.

Media & Advertising Campaigns

Whenever possible, the Coalition will use porn milf local children, teens, and young adults on their printed materials, websites, and advertising campaigns and will encourage all our charity, business, and media partners to do the same.

Advertising & Media Advisory Committee

Judy Bowen
Media Advisor

Judy Bowen works at KCBQ and KPRZ as a sales executive and has more than twenty years of sales, management and lesbian videos leadership experience in the media industry

Jeff Krapf
Media Advisor

Jeff Krapf is TV hot milfs host, announcer, emcee, and Actor.