Mission & Vision of the Children's Coalition

The San Diego Children's Coalition
The Mission of the milf porn Children's Coalition is to provide volunteer and support for Art, Charity, and Community organizations to benefit children and families in San Diego County!

Our Vision is to inspire a new generation of leaders and keep the spirit of giving alive in our youth today and keep it alive for tomorrow!

About the Children's Coalition!

Supporting the Arts nude celebrities & Charitable Causes!

The Children's Coalition is an exciting new charity launched in 2009 to provide county-wide leadership and support for Art, Charity, & Community organizations serving children and family in San Diego County.

Through our vast network of charities, businesses, and the media, the Children's Coalition will make a positive difference as we promote and help coordinate charitable events & activities, and develop youth art internship programs on county-wide level.

A County-Wide, Leadership & Support Organization!

San Diego Children's CoalitionThere are four fundamental non-profit organizations that play an important role in helping those in need.  They are foundations, charities, service clubs, and county-wide support organizations.

Foundations raise money for charities who provide direct services to needy individuals.  Service clubs also raise money and provide volunteer support for charitable causes.  Examples of service organizations include the Kiwanis, Lions, and Rotary Clubs.

The Children's Coalition belongs to porno gay the fourth category
of nonprofits, a county-wide hot milfs support organization!

The Children's Coalition provides leadership and support to all non-profits in San Diego County by connecting charities together with businesses, the Arts, media, community leaders, and volunteers to benefit children, family, and community!

United Way is an example of a county-wide leadership & support organization.

Youth Art Internships & Media Programs

Youth Art Internship Programs
The Children's Coalition in partnership with it's lesbian videos sister charity, the San Diego Arts Foundation, www.SanDiegoArts.org, is developing a support network through partnerships with businesses, charities, and the media including tv, radio, newspapers, and magazines to support and promote Art, Charity, and Community organizations in San Diego County.

Through art and media internship programs, the Children's Coalition will include local children, youth, teens, and young adults in radio, television, and video advertising campaigns to promote non-profits & community organizations and their fundraising events.

Media & Advertising Campaigns